Our most challenging project in 2021 was the delivery of 360 pieces of UM Chairs, UM Stools, and UM Barstools to the stunning new UMPRUM building in Prague. The chairs and stools from the UM range are inspired by the Diamond table trestles, originally designed by Michal Malášek for the product design studio at UMPRUM. These legs were so successful among students that everyone wanted to have them at home, which led them to become our first mass-produced product shortly after. That's why the UM range now returns to its roots and makes an appearance in the new UMPRUM building. The chairs, stools, and table legs, all featuring a zinc finish, seamlessly blend into the industrial and creative environment of academy of arts architecture and design.

Design by Jiří Pelcl and Michal Malášek

Mikulandská 134/5
110 00 Prague - Nové Město
Czech Republic