Studio Segers

Big ideas from a small Belgian town. Studio Segers is a family-run company that designs outdoor furniture, sofas, tables, lighting, radiators or even chicken coops. Our collaboration is just beginning. But it's already clear that the Belgians really follow a no-nonsense approach - they don't invent unnecessary things, they're all about functionality, aesthetics and sustainability.

"You don't get to Belgium every month. That's why we have a good, professional relationship with Studio Segers, which we develop mainly through emails. But when the opportunity arises, we like to go for a beer. We met through their collaboration with our friends from the Czech brand Todus. I like that it's a family business. It was founded by Wim Segers and is being passed on to his son Bob. We understand each other's preference for design that doesn't conform to fashion trends." Ondřej Zita, Chief Master