Supernova Bakehouse

We have a neighbour in Holešovice with whom we are building a special relationship. It's Supernova Bakehouse and they bake the best croissants in Prague. We are happy that we could equip the café with Roxor chairs and bistro tables.

The café's industrial interior with zinc elements and a large bar made of recycled rubble naturally extended to the front garden thanks to the Roxor collection. The Roxor chair was designed by Jiří Pelcl from steel bars commonly used as reinforcement for concrete. The bistro tables have a top made of recycled plastic and blend in perfectly with the rest of the café.

"For many people, roxor comes across as a hard and strict material. But then they sit back and spare no praise. Jiří Pelcl has designed the collection so cleverly that the chairs are really comfortable to sit on. For half an afternoon. After all, anyone can try it out, because Supernova Bakehouse has a garden less than twenty metres from the entrance to our showroom," reveals Chief Master Ondřej Zita. Each of the steel bars is bent slightly differently to make the chair easy to sit on. "It's all handmade. It's basically impossible to make such bends by machine."

This was one of the first major commissions for the Roxor collection, and we learned a lot from it. "For example, we found out that those classic plastic glides against unwanted chair sliding don't hold up as well on the Prague pavement as we originally thought. But we have come up with a way to fix them firmly. All we had to do was use the right glue for the screws," explains Ondřej.

So come over to the neighbours for a coffee and a croissant, drop them off in the garden - and then come to the showroom to tell us how you like Roxor. We'll be happy to show you all the types and colours of the collection.

Design Jiří Pelcl

Na Zátorách 3
170 00 Praha 7 – Holešovice
Czech Republiv

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday 8.00–⁠18.00
Saturday 9.00–⁠18.00