DECHEM Studio focuses on design and production based on traditional glassmaking techniques and natural forms. At the core of the studio are their own collections of products created with masterful precision in the art of glassmaking and respect for the original craftsmanship. With this in mind, glass light fixtures are created as well as minimalist decorative and cut objects. Significant lamps, vases and wall objects are often reminiscent of objects from everyday life or childhood. All products are manufactured in Czech workshops using unique technologies including hand blowing, bursting, cutting, grinding, polishing, as well as melting, engraving and painting of glass. In addition to our own production, DECHEM Studio also focuses on custom design, exhibition and curatorial projects, operating in the Czech Republic and increasingly abroad. After nearly 15 years of practice, the studio has collaborated with renowned galleries, institutions, architectural studios and leading manufacturers, and won a number of prestigious awards.