Designed and manufactured by the masters.                                                             Designed and manufactured by the masters.                                                             Designed and manufactured by the masters.

With a passion for timeless beauty and functional simplicity, we create furniture with its heart and soul in traditional Czech craft. It is our longhand conviction that lasting quality still means something in this world, and this is the driving force behind our innovative designs - every piece as a celebration of human creativity in everyday life. We work with a large network of Czech and international manufacturers to produce product of as high quality as possible. When possible, we produce within Czech Republic in local areas to our workshop in Zábřeh na Moravě.

Master & Master

Luděk & Ondřej. One is close to the craft he learned in a London joinery shop. The other studied graphic design at UMPRUM and is passionate about business and relationship building. We've known each other since we were kids and we complement each other perfectly.

We know how to get along when things go wrong and we celebrate successes together - like winning the Czech Grand Design award in the Manufacturer of the Year category, establishing a new collaboration or launching a new product.

We create a community of creative and skilled people around us, who we feel comfortable around. Master & Master, these are colleagues from the workshop in Zábřeh na Moravě and the showroom in Prague. Craftsmen and designers from all corners of the Czech Republic and abroad. Sellers and customers who buy our products because they care about the environment they spend their time in.

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    World-renowned construction equipment and tool manufacturer HILTI has relocated this year from Čestlice to Prague's Chodov, to The Park complex. We...
  3. Bookshelf for RSJ

    We're thrilled to have collaborated with architects from MACHAR & TEICHMAN studio on the design of the new offices for RSJ Financial Group...

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